Writing Services

The road to writing success is paved with uncertainty and obstacles…

and that’s just the paving- We’re not even counting the roadblocks!

Yeah, we do love taking an overused metaphor too far…but we won’t let you do that.

Spalmorum offers all of the services that will help to move you forward in your writing career.

As always, our signature is a personal touch. We’re not one size fits all. We deliver exactly what you need as a writer. Let us be part of your success.


Our Services

Writing coaching

Do you feel stuck? Whether you have have problems with your book or have the feeling that you aren’t making the progress you should be on your road to publication, speaking with a supportive, experienced writing coach could be exactly what you need.¬†Just a single coaching session¬†can fix deep-seated issues that are impacting your current work in progress and your writing career in general.


No matter how good a writer you are, professional editing is a non-negotiable. Editing is not just checking for spelling errors. It is so much more, and it can make the difference between success and rejection. Our editing services fix potential problems with your book while respecting your unique voice.

Cover design

A bad cover is the expensive mistake that cheapens your whole book. Picking the right cover designer can be intimidating. We have a novel solution for you that makes a lot of sense.