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“Reading this book felt like someone was literally reading my mind.”

Our book delivers real advice on transforming your mindset to eliminate the painful issue of writer’s block once and for all. Unlike other books on the subject, which give temporary, superficial solutions, this book delves into the deep-seated thought and behavior patterns that are causing the problem, so you can finally go from aspiring writer to successful author.

“A brilliant thriller with a smart female protagonist. Pure escapism.”

Based on a mysterious Medieval text translated by the author, this book takes the reader on an adventure through the Tarn River Valley in France. 

Translatio: In the Middle Ages, the word could either mean the rendering of a text into another language, or the relocation of a saint’s relics. Both of these acts often involved forgeries, lies, and manipulation. Graduate student Christina Desroches is about to learn just how perilous translatio can be. Something in the ancient document she is studying is important enough to kill for. Her scholarly research now a desperate quest, Christina races from New York, to Paris, to the remote village of Sainte Enimie, deep in the Tarn River Gorges, where the river has carved stones into grotesque formations and nearly deserted villages cling to crumbling cliffs. It’s a world in which history has left many marks, but all is not as it seems. Christina will come to realize that the mystery she’s risking her life to solve is literally in her blood.