A bad cover is an expensive mistake that cheapens your book.

Indie authors are often lost when it comes to getting a great cover design. Sometimes, they’ll go on a discount site.   Usually, they still end up paying a fortune. But the result is usually the same. A crappy cover. You know the ones.

The ones that look DIY.

The ones that have a thousand different fonts on them.

The ones that are unreadable.

The ones that look identical to everything else that’s out there.

The ones that confuse you as to what genre they belong to.

The ones with the obvious stock images we’ve seen a million times.

The ones that are way too busy.

The ones that are just plain tacky.

The ones that are “ready made” and don’t represent your brand properly.


We have a solution for that.

Our in-house graphic designer here at Spalmorum has got your back (well, and your front…cover, that is!). No hidden costs, no upselling, no pre-fab covers… Here’s how it works:

1) No money is paid up front:you fill out our form- we’re gonna learn everything about your book, about your style, about covers you admire, about who your reader is. 

2) You hop on a quick phone call for a further discussion and clarification of your hopes, dreams, and expectations. We’ll pitch our preliminary concept to make sure we don’t hit the drawing board too early. If you agree to the cover, you pay $250 at this point.

3) We get back to you with a gorgeous front cover in a timely fashion. If you want us to hop on Amazon and also make your book’s spine and back cover all pretty, we can do that for another $50.

4) If you’re not totally thrilled, you of course get a revision- hey, we’re good, but sometimes perfection takes a couple tries! The good news is that all of our preliminary work usually gets us pretty darn close to something you’ll love.

5) When you write your next book, we’ll keep your previous cover in mind so that the new one is unique but still on-brand.

That’s it! Simple and straightforward. 

This sounds awesome-I’m ready for a gorgeous cover! Take me to the questionnaire.

Frequently asked questions about book cover design


How much does a book cover cost?

Prices can vary wildly out there. We’ve seen both extremes. Some people will tell you that, with a book cover, you get what you pay for. That is sometimes true, but sometimes you pay a lot and still get a cheap looking cover. The best course of action is to see samples of a designer’s work, and never accept “pre-made” covers where you just plug in your name and title. They always look bad. Our pricing at $250 puts us at the lower end of the sliding scale of book cover design costs, but we have been able to do this because of our proprietary ore-design questionnaire, which helps us to narrow down a vision in an efficient manner so you will be happy with your book cover design.


Why is a good book cover so important?

Your book cover is the first impression your potential readers get. If your cover is bad, or cheap looking, or does not represent your writing, that is gonna be a problem. It might make a huge difference in sales. You need a book cover you can be proud of.


What are the marks of a good book cover design?

The cover represents your specific book and story. The cover positions itself well into your personal author brand. The book cover tells potential readers what to expect. The book cover can evoke an emotional reaction immediately. The book cover represents the genre of your book accurately.


Do authors get to choose their book covers?

This is one of the advantages of self-publishing, if you have a very specific vision of what you want your book cover to look like, that is. Indie authors are responsible for selecting a cover for their book. The pressure of hiring the right cover designer and selecting the final cover is squarely on your shoulders. If you are being represented by a conventional publishing house, however, the power to influence your book cover is pretty much taken away from you. The publisher will select something that they believe will best represent and sell your book. The good news is that you will usually end up with a very professional design. The bad news is lack of creative control. 


Can I design my own cover to save money?

Yes, if you are excellent at graphic design and feel confident that you have the taste level and ability, not to mention the time, to do it yourself, you can try to design your own. Make sure you have the correct format and resolution. However, most writers might want to stick to writing. The time you spend trying to get it right may still not result in the optimal cover. There are free apps out there such as Canva that can result in a reasonable polished cover, if you’re just publishing a PDF or a freebie. From what we can tell, these free “plug in” offerings never look quite right.


What goes on a book cover?

At the very least, you’ll have the title, the author’s name, and an image. If the author has serious accolades or you want to include a byline or a blurb or make a note of the genre, that can work, too. Keep in mind that a clean, easy to read design is best.

Seriously. Don’t let a bad book cover happen to you.