Hi! I’m Karena, your PhD writing coach! 

I’m a passionate creative, writer, PhD writing coach, and educator whose job is to take you from aspiring writer to successful author. I’m currently living in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area with my husband, two awesome kids, and a tiny, adorable, but slightly bitchy dog named Fiona.

I founded Spalmorum after years of working as a creative and writing coach. So many of the writers I came across thought that they weren’t succeeding because they weren’t good enough. They thought they weren’t talented enough. Honestly, yes, there is a part of writing success that is contingent on practicing your writing and developing your skills, but the true obstacle to success? Not believing that success is possible.

 It’s not enough to get advice on how to write, though we do that, too. You need to learn how to succeed.

I designed Spalmorum to be a supportive platform that bridges the gap between traditional writing advice and psychology, to finally help you make the jump from aspiring to successful.

“After years of working as a writing coach, I realized that  writing success is truly about mindset.”

-Karena Akhavein, Ph.D.

Mindset is the biggest factor in writing success.

Writing success isn’t just about talent. Writing success is about mindset. This is the platform I developed to inspire, inform, and motivate you with our blog, books, videos, community, and events. I also have courses and services designed specifically to take writers like you closer to success.

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I literally wrote the book

on writer’s block!

Spoiler alert: writer’s block is not the main issue impacting writing success! My book, the result of years of working with writers, delves into the deep-seated thought and behavior patterns that hold you back. It gives you concrete steps to move forward, so you can finally go from aspiring writer to successful author.

Why did I start Spalmorum?

Scared of authortube?Need quick writing advice? Watch my awkward videos and get inspired… 

I chat with lots of writers- in person… on the phone… online…but if you wanna get to know me better before you give me a call or drop me a line, or if you have a question you wanna get answered right now, for free, checking out my YouTube channel is a great idea! It took me a long time to work up the courage to put myself out there on video, so if watching my awkward attempts helps to make you more confident about starting your own #authortube channel or making an online course, I’ve done my job!