Hey Writer- What’s standing between you and success?

Tons of people wish they could write a book. How many get to the point where they can call themselves an author? A successful author?

So many writers feel like there’s a wall between them and the success they dream of. When you’re a writer and you’re stuck in that zone, it’s not enough to get advice on how to write. You need to learn how to succeed.

Spalmorum is a supportive platform that bridges the gap between traditional writing advice and psychology, to finally help you make the jump from aspiring writer to successful author.

What’s standing between you and writing success?

“Writer’s block is not why you’re

still an aspiring writer

instead of a successful author.”

-Karena Akhavein, Ph.D.

Sound familiar?


“It’s tough making time to write. And then, when I do, BOOM! writer’s block!”

“Is my book idea even any good? Is my writing any good?”

“I have trouble motivating on my own.”

“I couldn’t find an agent, and self-publishing was not for me. So what now?”

“…things got so bad that I even considered hiring a ghost writer, but that presents a whole host of new problems.”

“I wish I could have a writing coach, or go to a writer’s retreat, but that’s not my reality…”

 “I wish I could figure out ways to make more income online without taking away from the time and energy I need for writing.”

“I need to sharpen my skills, but I don’t have the time or money to get an MFA in Creative Writing.”

How can Spalmorum help?  

Not only do we inspire, inform, and motivate you with our blog, books, videos, community, and events, but we have courses and services designed specifically to take writers like you closer to success.

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Online Learning 

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Not just another writing course.

Are you ready to be transformed? Discover the groundbreaking course that will work on on your deepest held mindsets, so that you can finally become the author you were meant to be. You owe it to yourself and your future readers are counting on you.

Need to make more money so you can keep writing?

It’s a classical creative dilemma: you need to devote more time and energy to your writing, but you also need to support yourself. This unique course, designed specifically for writers, teaches you how to use and focus your innate storytelling talent to create transformational online courses that can earn you evergreen income while building authority and supporting your writing career.

“Reading this book felt like someone was literally reading my mind.”

Our book delivers real advice on transforming your mindset to eliminate the painful issue of writer’s block once and for all. Unlike other books on the subject, which give temporary, superficial solutions, this book delves into the deep-seated thought and behavior patterns that are causing the problem, so you can finally go from aspiring writer to successful author.

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Hi! I'm Karena

I am a passionate creative, writer, and educator currently living in the beautiful San Francisco Bay area with my husband, two awesome kids, and a tiny, adorable, but slightly bitchy dog named Fiona.

True Story…

I’d always wanted to be an author. I’d written several books, some of which are hidden away in a corner of my laptop, never to be seen by another human soul, some of which were not half bad. I earned a PhD in literature, enjoyed a career as a lifestyle journalist and magazine editor that took me to New York, London, San Francisco, and LA, and I pitched manuscripts and scripts that got the the attention of agents, producers, and publishers.


When contracts with two different agents and a small publisher fell through, I self-published under a pen name, ashamed that I had “failed.” Over the years, I met and communicated with hundreds of writers like me, and often, we found a common thread in that we felt like we were still “aspiring writers” instead of successful authors, no matter where we were in our journeys. Then, a fellow writer opened my eyes: “Are you kidding? You’ve done all of this stuff. You could be teaching me a thing or two. Your only problem is your mindset!”  And that’s when the lightbulb went off. Literally my only obstacle was my mindset. 


I founded Spalmorum on the belief that every one of us is capable of becoming a successful author. Spalmorum picks up where traditional writing coaching and MFA’s leave off. If we find and eliminate the obstacles on the path to success, and give each writer targeted support, information, inspiration, and motivation, as well as useful tools and a built-in community, we can achieve great things.


With Spalmorum, we will save you time and frustration as we help you to get your story written, edited, formatted, published, and sold, so that you can be the author you’ve been wanting to be, even if you’ve never written fiction before, even if you have a full-time life and career. Let Spalmorum be your competitive advantage. Your readers are counting on you!


   -Karena Akhavein, PhD